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University of China reveals it has used ozone to heal Covid infections

We have received an excellent clinical study on four Covid patients healed thanks to the administration of oxygen/ozone, published on November 25 in the journal Innovation (NY). 

The protocols were carried out at the Haihe hospital of Tianjin University, one of the most prestigious institutes in China. 

Under the title “Recovery of Four COVID-19 Patients via Ozonated Autohemotherapy”, the authors reported treating four Covid patients hospitalized in serious condition and completely healed after undergoing oxygen/ozone therapy. 

Of the four patients (age group 56-77 years; two women), two were smokers and three had no pre-existing medical conditions.

At the time of admission, the four patients had fever, cough, shortness of breath and diarrhea and had been receiving oxygen by mask. Comprehensive analyzes were performed during hospitalization. Shortly after the start of ozone autohemotherapy, all laboratory parameters returned to normal and those relating to the infection were significantly reduced. 

All patients improved through complete recovery.  

The clinical study points out that patient 1 developed severe refractory hypoxemia and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Computed tomography (CT) of the chest at the time of admission had demonstrated multiple bilateral ground glass opacities with thickening of the bronchovascular bundles along with pleural effusion.

After treatment with oxygen/ozone, the X-ray image showed an improvement in the lung lesions, which then completely healed at the end of the ozone therapy.

After one month, the four patients treated with oxygen/ozone therapy underwent computed tomography (CT) of the chest and the scans revealed that almost all of the lung lesions had resolved.

The authors of the study specified that there were no abnormalities in the follow-up visits after the administration of ozonated autohemotherapy, arguing that it is a safe treatment for Covid-19 patients.

By comparison, the younger brother of patient 1, also positive for Covid, was hospitalized and treated with traditional therapy.  The older brother treated with oxygen ozone, despite being in more serious conditions, recovered in a shorter time than his conventionally treated younger brother.

In addition, the medical cost related to the hospitalization of patient 1 was $15,467, while for the younger brother treated with conventional therapy the total cost of hospitalization was $139,935.

In this regard, the authors of the research wrote that “Ozonated autohemotherapy is not only a safe and risk-free procedure, but also a much more practical and economical treatment, and this can benefit the global population of Covid-19 patients with refractory hypoxemia “.

The oxygen/ozone treatments were accomplished with no deleterious side effects, according to the study.

“These results indicate that ozonated autohemotherapy may be a new strategy for the treatment of coronavirus infected patients”.

To find out more about the Chinese experience, “Orbisphera” interviewed Dr. Antonio Carlo Galoforo, co-author of the study and member of the board of the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT).

Dr. Galoforo said that, on February 16, he held a videoconference which was attended by executives of the Chinese Ministry of Health, managers of research centers, some hospital primary and prof. Chen Qun, Secretary General of the “China Life Science Society” of Beijing.

In this videoconference, Galoforo illustrated the prevalent scientific evidence relating to the use of ozone to combat the coronavirus.

From that moment, Chinese experts have decided to experiment with oxygen ozone therapy to eradicate Covid.

The collaboration between the Italian experts and the Chinese medical authorities continued, to the point that Dr. Galoforo was the only European doctor to participate in live streaming at the “World Intelligent Medicine Congress” held in Beijing.

During his speech - entitled “Potential of Ozonated Autohemotherapy for the treatment of Covid-19 patients” - Dr. Galoforo dealt with various topics, covering the history of ozone and its biological effects: proven antimicrobial activity, regulation of the immune system, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, tissue regeneration and enhanced oxygenation with over all healing.

Finally, he described the protocol and the clinical tests already carried out by SIOOT.

The authors are Chinese researchers Junping Wu, Cherie S. Tan, Hongzhi Yu, Youwei Wang, Yutao Tian, Wenwei Shao, Yifei Zhang, Kuo Zhang, Hongxia Shao, Guangjian Ni, Jun Shen, Qi Wu, Dong Ming, and the Italian Antonio Carlo Galoforo.

Together with colleagues and researchers Catia Scassellati and Cristian Bonvicini, Dr. Galoforo has shown that ozone therapy can be easily integrated with other treatments without running any risk due to secondary or residual effects.

Link to the “Recovery of Four COVID-19 Patients via Ozonated Autohemotherapy” study:

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Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera

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