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Franzini: I was in very severe conditions, sedated and intubated ... then they saved me with ozone therapy ...

Dr. Marianno Franzini is a very respected physician practicing near Bergamo, Italy, one of the cities most affected by the pandemic. In the emergency period he also dedicated himself to providing homecare. 

Affected by Covid, he was urgently hospitalized, then intubated in intensive care, at risk of dying until he was given the oxygen/ozone therapy that saved him. 

Ironically, Prof. Franzini is founder and international president of the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT).

“Orbisphera” interviewed him.

You have been hit very hard by Covid. Can you tell us how it happened?

I must say, first of all, that the biggest culprit of my illness was me. I have dedicated myself to treating many patients suffering from back pain, hernias or disc protrusions with ozone: an activity that gives great satisfaction but also requires a lot of effort.

I also followed with my collaborators the many people who came to the clinic to receive systemic oxygen/ozone, to improve their immune defense parameters and to treat diseases of aging.  We also devoted enormous attention to the care of patients with antibiotic-resistant infections.

Then, on top of all this we have to add the care of patients hospitalized for Covid who requested oxygen/ozone therapy with the SIOOT protocol, admitted in our hospitals under compassionate care.

All this distracted me from taking care of myself, to the point that I have not been vaccinated and have not undergone oxygen/ozone therapy, which is particularly effective against Covid and useful for strengthening the immune system.

I was so busy I delayed Covid testing. Although positive, I was late being hospitalized and treated.

How did you manage to recover from the coronavirus attack?

My luck was the promptness of my wife Delia, my collaborator Francesca and some friends, such as Hon. Claudio Pedrazzini, Prof. Luigi Valdenassi, who rushed from Genoa to Bergamo, and Dr. Francesco Vaiano, who arrived immediately from Milan.

All together they immediately made the decision to transfer me, from the Bergamo Hospital where I was hospitalized, to the San Carlo Clinic in Paderno Dugnano at the Intensive Care Division directed by Dr. Emiliano Agosteo, who has been practicing with great success for some time.  He combines ‘normal’ therapies along with oxygen/ozone according to SIOOT protocols.

I would like to remind you that the SIOOT therapeutic protocol had already had an important scientific confirmation with the publication of the results obtained from 15 hospitals that used and collected the data by comparing them with those of patients treated only with conventional therapy:

The scientific publication has focused in particular on the most seriously ill, those with the highest risk of death.

The average death rate of Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care is around 40/50%; while the average of patients treated with oxygen/ozone therapy achieved recovery for 98%.

These are official data, obtained from clinical studies carried out not only in Italy, but in many countries around the world. For this reason, I would like to ask the Ministry of Health to carefully evaluate the use of oxygen/ozone therapy in the treatment of people with Covid.

I would like to remind you that I myself was in a very serious condition, sedated and intubated. Well, after only three days of oxygen/ozone therapy as per the SIOOT protocol, my conditions improved, I recovered and was extubated.

Then, within a few days, I returned home to recover.

We understand that the vaccine plays an important preventive role, but for those who get sick, the effective, safe, residue-free and also economical treatment is oxygen/ozone therapy.

It is all Italian research and results that SIOOT has disseminated and made available to every country in the world.

It would therefore be opportune, and of great ethical and social impact, to broaden the right to health by making the oxygen/ozone therapy service available to every hospital.

In this way, what is written in our Constitution would also be respected (Article 32, paragraph 1): “The Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual and in the interest of the community, and guarantees free care to the indigent”.

Since February 2020 you have proposed and practiced oxygen ozone therapy to treat and heal patients affected by Covid: can you explain to us the scientific and practical reasons underlying the treatment protocol indicated by SIOOT?

In February / March 2020 in Bergamo we were in the most acute phase of the pandemic, with such a high number of deaths that it was not even possible to provide a proper burial.

Considering the well-known mechanisms of action of oxygen/ozone therapy, such as antiviral, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic activity, and the improvement of oxygen saturation, together with the colleagues of SIOOT, we proposed a therapeutic protocol to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to counter the epidemic and treat people who were affected by Covid.

The protocol analyzes the five stages of coronavirus disease and specifies oxygen/ozone treatment for each stage of the disease.

A year after our proposal, after having received the green light from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, today in Italy there are five Regions and twenty hospitals with Covid centers that provide oxygen/ozone therapy to treat people affected by coronavirus. As a result of this, several hundred patients were treated and healed with the use of the SIOOT protocol.

The protocol provides not only the appropriate quantities and concentrations, but also the perfect description of the technology required as a fundamental element for the success of the therapy.

There are three fundamental elements to obtain the right quantities and safe concentrations of oxygen ozone:
● the photometer for the exact concentration measurement of the therapeutic gas;
● ozonating tubes of caliber and length ranging from 48 to 68 cm;
● electrical power applied to the tubes not less than 10,000 / 16,000 volts to generate the ozone. These transformers weigh from 10 to 25 kg.

I wanted to clarify these technical characteristics because we noted with disappointment that, in some cases, oxygen/ozone therapy was practiced with inadequate technologies: small, light machines, and often without real control photometers.

Could you tell us about the dying patients saved thanks to oxygen/ozone therapy and explain the reasons for this effectiveness?

Among the many people saved by oxygen/ozone therapy, I would like to recall a patient from Como that I followed together with Dr. Emanuele Franchi.

I was contacted by the husband of a lady hospitalized in very serious condition. Colleagues who were treating her told us that it seemed that by now there was nothing more to be done. Strengthened by the similar experiences already faced, we decided to apply ozone therapy with the protocol in phase 5, the most powerful one.

Well, the lady for whom no more hope remained, in just a few days recovered, was extubated and began to breathe independently. A period of post-Covid rehabilitation and treatment followed to eliminate severe fatigue and some motor difficulties.

An incredible recovery, very similar to many others that have occurred in Italy thanks to oxygen/ozone therapy.

It was a very similar healing story to the one I experienced on my own person.

This prompts me to say: if by chance you happen to be infected and hospitalized, ask to be treated with oxygen/ozone therapy.

It is not an exclusive practice, on the contrary: it is everyone’s right to be treated in the best possible way, especially when you risk losing your life.

There are fears for the month of October. The prevention work with the vaccine will have reached important levels, but what should be done to counter any other variants? There will be people who will still get sick and others who will suffer from post-Covid symptoms.

I fear that the virus will still be aggressive, as is already happening in some countries where very high vaccination peaks have been reached.

My proposal, very inexpensive and easily implemented, is to treat all Covid patients with oxygen/ozone therapy, starting with those who experience the first symptoms of fever, respiratory distress, desaturation, etc.

The experience over the previous eighteen months confirms that, if treated with oxygen/ozone therapy, within 15 days Covid patients can block the disease and become virus-negative without committing hospital beds.

Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera

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