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SIOOT supports spanish doctors and judges who defend the right to treatment with oxygen ozone therapy

In the interview that follows prof. Marianno Franzini, international president of SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy), affirms that “every human being has the right to be treated, without discrimination, with the best possible care”. And he reiterates that “the right to care is a fundamental human right: no one can hinder or impede the freedom of care, especially in the presence of life threatening”. 

In Spain it happened that Mr. Juan Francisco Martí Piqueres, sick with Covid and hospitalized in intensive care, was in danger of dying. Dr. Juan Carlos Pérez Olmedo and his team proposed practicing oxygen ozone therapy as a compassionate protocol, but met with opposition from the health department of the hospital where the patient was hospitalized. At that point, the patient’s family turned to the judiciary, which intervened by arranging for oxygen ozone therapy to be practiced. Thanks to this therapy, the patient has recovered, his condition has improved a lot and he is on the mend. Despite these results, there are doctors who still argue that ozone therapy is a pseudoscience. What do you think?

First of all, I think that family members have done well to turn to the Judiciary to obtain what is a right, that is the treatment that was denied them: oxygen ozone therapy which, up to now, has proved to be the best cure for Covid and even for its variants, without presenting any side effects.

Secondly, I think that those colleagues who consider this therapy a pseudoscience demonstrate, in an incontrovertible way, prejudice and ignorance. Today, oxygen ozone therapy, which is not a drug but a natural product, is practiced all over the world and has over 3,900 scientific papers published in the most important international journals to its credit in the last twenty years. Works that are easily downloadable from PubMed under the heading “ozone therapy”.

On the basis of this story, a group of Spanish doctors sent a letter to the world medical community and the associations concerned asking them to sign an appeal to guarantee the freedom of treatment for each person, and to oxygen ozone therapy is available to every patient as a cure to defeat Covid. Among the proofs of the effectiveness of ozone therapy, the letter reports the scientific works of SIOOT and the hearing that you yourself carried out before the Italian Parliament regarding the brilliant results obtained on 100 Covid patients in serious conditions treated with oxygen ozone therapy. Will SIOOT support the appeal of Spanish doctors? What can you tell us about it?

SIOOT will support with all its strength, and its contacts around the world, the proposal of the Spanish colleagues to guarantee freedom and completeness of care to all patients. In addition, SIOOT will make its protocol available to all doctors, which has proved to be the most effective so far even in the severe stages of the disease. This is in order to share with everyone a right to effective and safe treatment.

I think that if we present shared protocols, the scientific strength of oxygen ozone therapy worldwide will be winning.

Precisely in order to have shared protocols, we have created, in unsuspected times, the “SIOOT International”, to present the efficacy and safety results achieved in different parts of the world to the scientific community.

Today we are able to indicate exactly the amount of gas, concentration and ozone production technologies most suitable for treating and healing people affected by Covid.

Also in Italy there have been several cases of Covid patients at the end of their life saved by oxygen ozone therapy. In some of these rescues you have been the protagonist. Could you tell us something about it? You yourself were saved by oxygen ozone therapy ... is that true?

In Italy, to date, more than 400 patients who were in the most severe phase, that is sedated and intubated with bilateral pneumonia, have been treated with oxygen ozone therapy SIOOT protocol. The results were absolutely positive and the patients recovered in a short time. Details are shown on the SIOOT website:

I myself fell ill with Covid and, within a week, I was treated and discharged from intensive care. My luck was that the hospital where I was hospitalized was equipped to deliver oxygen ozone according to the SIOOT protocol. Five days after leaving intensive care, I was discharged from the hospital and returned home for rehabilitation.

I want to specify that the SIOOT oxygen ozone protocol is always used in conjunction with normal medical therapy, and that oxygen ozone also acts as a therapeutic enhancer.

On several occasions you have spoken of the freedom of treatment as a fundamental human right, and of oxygen ozone therapy as a cure for a large number of diseases, including Covid and antibiotic resistance. Could you explain your ideas about it?

With the experience and with the help of talented lawyers, we have prepared a special correspondence to submit an application to the hospital health departments, which now easily approve the compassionate use of oxygen ozone therapy.

The real problem is that it is not always possible to find colleagues who are prepared and willing to go to the hospital to practice ozone therapy.

The solution that we already exposed in the Chamber of Deputies in 2020 was well received: we hope that every hospital will have an oxygen ozone therapy service with the proven and effective SIOOT protocols (40 years of experience).

In this way, hospitals will not only be able to fight Covid more effectively, but will also be able to combat other serious and widespread diseases such as antibiotic resistance and sepsis.

Making an oxygen ozone therapy service available to patients is an ethical and also a legal duty, because it means guaranteeing the right to treatment with the most advanced technologies.

Making an oxygen ozone therapy service available to all patients is a fundamental right. Situations such as the one that occurred in Spain, where relatives had to resort to the Judiciary to guarantee their relative the treatment of ozone therapy, must be avoided. Rightly, the judiciary has protected the right to use the best possible care.

Refusing treatment with oxygen or ozone even under conditions of compassionate protocol is a very serious violation of the right of personal care. The opposition to ozone treatment becomes even more unacceptable when you consider how many people have been saved with ozone therapy.

Therefore, the commitment of SIOOT and of all ozone therapists is to make themselves available to practice the treatments, and also to put pressure on the competent authorities so that this service is introduced in all hospitals. In order to have a medical practice that will prove useful in the treatment of over 100 pathologies, such as antibiotic resistant infections, pneumonia and widespread infections, as well as in all cases of ulcers and sores.

Interview by Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera

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