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What are you waiting for again? Use ozone to debell Covid!

Statement from prof. Marianno Franzini, international president of SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy), a pioneer of research and medical practice which is at the center of an intense debate worldwide. 

«Corona Virus - the Covid resurgence in the United States and Brazil, outbreaks still active in Italy, China, Germany, Korea, India, Iran, and Covid continues to claim victims every day. I can’t understand why the World Health Organization and national health authorities do not invite the use of oxygen ozone therapy, which has proven to be so effective and safe in treating the sick and sanitizing the environment…». 

Professor Franzini has spent the past six months at the forefront of the fight against Covid, in his Comunian Clinic in Bergamo, Italy. He has devoted full time to treat and assist colleagues and health workers who are working in environments with a very high concentration of viruses. He has treated and had patients treated with oxygen ozone therapy in Italy and throughout the world.

In early February, together with the SIOOT Scientific Committee, Professor Franzini formulated the oxygen-ozone treatment protocol to treat Covid patients. He found ways to provide hospitals with adequate machinery for producing ozone. He held video conferences with doctors from the United States, Brazil, Romania, Serbia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, and he has consulted daily with colleagues to show them how to best apply oxygen ozone treatments. He also lectured for the two Oxygen Ozone Therapy masters courses that took place at the University of Pavia and the Unicamillus in Rome. On June 3, he was called to an audition at the XII Social Affairs Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, where he illustrated in detail the results of the successful use of oxygen ozone therapy on 100 patients treated in 15 different hospitals.

«The results – he told us – are very clear. Oxygen ozone therapy has enormous efficacy in curing Covid patients. For stage one patients, i.e. less serious, it has 100% efficiency. All improve and heal quickly. For stage two and three Covid patients, oxygen ozone has shown 94% improvement and healing efficiency. In five cases, ozone oxygen was practiced in people who were about to die. Amid the disbelief of the doctors, friends and relatives, these five people survived, now they are well and have returned home also healed from the damage that Covid had caused».

Professor Franzini collected on behalf of SIOOT the clinical data of all patients treated with oxygen ozone, before, during and after treatment; he compared them with patients treated only with traditional drug therapy and communicated these data to the national health authorities. And now, together with a group of colleagues, he is working to publish everything in international scientific journals.

On the basis of this work, which involved a large and qualified group of doctors, researchers, healthcare personnel and patients, Franzini reiterated: «Never before have we been able to verify how effective ozone is in eradicating viruses, as at this juncture. We have expanded our knowledge of the mechanisms of action that make ozone a very powerful virucide. We can also confirm that ozone is a safe and natural product that leaves no residues, that does not trigger any secondary effect, which avoids risks of all kinds. It is ecological, economic, easy to use and very fast in the healing action. For this reason I ask the national and international health authorities: “What are you waiting to use oxygen ozone therapy everywhere?”».

«Oxygen ozone therapy, supported by an important scientific bibliography, has been known for its antibacterial and antiviral effect for over eighty years. Why not use it?».

Professor Franzin continued: «A massive and generalized use of oxygen, ozone therapy – said Franzini – would quickly heal the positives at Covid, would extinguish any outbreak, sanitize any environment and would put us in a position to be effective and rapid even in the event of a new wave of viruses from the autumn period. With oxygen ozone therapy we will be able to eradicate every beginning of the epidemic and we can safely avoid any measure of closure and social distancing».

«In this regard – concluded prof. Franzini – while the central authorities decide what to do, we at SIOOT are providing information and assistance to the local communities so that in each Municipality there can be a health district, a health care residence (RSA), a medical center or an outpatient clinic capable of offer an oxygen ozone therapy service, in order to deal effectively and safely with Covid or other viruses that appear on the horizon».

Antonio Gaspari
Director of Orbisphera

27 luglio 2020 Indietro